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Ioannis Ath. Patsikas Law Office and Associates has established its reputation in the light of the highest note of efficiency and success. Ioannis, being professionally active as an attorney and legal counsel of local and foreign natural and legal persons for over 35 years in the territory of West and Central Macedonia and having achieved to reach to the outcome sought depending on his clients’ interests brought before any court of instance and jurisdiction in Greece, runs an up-to-date law office with an infrastructure of a specialized and talented associate crew based on the pillars of deep knowledge of each field at stake, of respect in human sensitivities, of reliability and of discretion. We are here to identify your problems, to be your representatives and to provide you with the legal advice orientated best to your complicated case in the field of Civil Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Energy Law in modernized library-rich office facilities as well and with a network of professionals of vehicle accident analysts, Insurance, Medicine and Construction experts.

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Glad to advise Smile Energy on this Master Purchase Agreement with Nanothech Energy for Greece, Balkans, North Africa & the Middle East.

AMSTERDAM, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --Nanotech Energy Europe B.V., a fully owned subsidiary of Nanotech Energy Inc., today confirms it has signed a master ... more

Confidentiality Under The ICC Mediation Rules Compared To The LCIA Mediation Rules

Written by Athanasios I. Patsikas Lawyer (LLM) Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism based on the concept of a win-win settlement, far fro... more